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Four major measures to prevent vehicles from "boiling" always pay attention to water temperature
Release time:2018.07.06 News source:KAVI AUTO PARTS CO., LTD Browsing number:

Summer air temperature is high, the car is easy to "bring" the last card auto parts co., LTD and share the car "boiled" and met a car "boiled" processing method, the langkawi car auto parts co., LTD., and share with you "bring" preventive measures. With daily precautions in place, car "boiling" will not occur frequently.

The four prevention measures of automobile "boiling" :

Measures, whether it is not a summer, daily maintenance are necessary, can also check the water tank is lack of water, before driving should be fill in time, if it is found that water also notice some small car details.

Measure 2, had better be able to clean radiator piece regularly, can improve the heat dissipation effect of the engine so. During the journey, take a rest at the right time. When you take a rest, choose a cool place and open the hood for ventilation and heat dissipation.

Measure 3, the dust of cistern surface cotton-wool also can affect cistern heat dissipation, should clear as far as possible clean.

Measures at four, long drive, or long time remember to pay attention to the water temperature, most demanding should not exceed 95 ℃, once more than, the owner shall be cause for alarm.

Car "boiled" in severe cases, the harm is great, if processes is not good may be the cause of the owner's own injury, and may cause the damage of the engine, so everyday must take preventive measures, to reduce the risk of failure. And in the daily use of the car must pay attention to the inspection of the car, eliminate hidden dangers.

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