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These 3 phenomena on the tire need to be replaced immediately and cannot be overserved
Release time:2018.07.06 News source:KAVI AUTO PARTS CO., LTD Browsing number:

Tires are the big foot of a car, and their "health" affects driving safety. Most car owners pay attention to the maintenance of their cars, but they always ignore tires. In fact, whether there is an accident or puncture, the tyre has a service life. Badly worn tires, like bombs, are dangerous to drive.

According to incomplete statistics, the accident with the highest fatality rate on the highway is a punctured tire! So people must be alert, the tire should be changed, do not take life as a joke to save thousands of dollars.

Tread wear near wear marks

You can go back and look at your car, and you can see wear marks at the bottom of the tire tread grooves. If the tire is worn to the marked edge, change the tire in time.

Many old drivers don't take this seriously, don't think the tire didn't crash injury is no problem, but in rain and snow slippery, badly worn tyre grip is very poor, the car easy out of control, and high speeds for a long time driving flat tire easily.

Tire drum, cracks appear

The car owners who like to press the road teeth, must see carefully! Tire pressure not only on the scales a child and nail injured, tire pressure side opposite sides-to hold the road, will make the tyre by extrusion, cracking, cord and cord broken end result is a bulge.

These drums, cracks are not easy to be found, forming a security hidden danger. Driving a car with badly damaged tires on the road is like driving a stealth bomb, which can explode at any time.

Tyre overage service

We all know that food has a shelf life, but tires also have a shelf life. Under normal conditions, the warranty period of the tire is about 5 years, even if the mileage of the tire is very small, it needs to be replaced.

Because the service life of the tire is directly related to the raw material rubber, it is also related to the road conditions and driving habits. As a result, there is always a risk of a puncture once the service is extended.

Tires are like car shoes, and only shoes that fit on start can be comfortable. Therefore, we should pay more attention to tires and choose tires with guaranteed quality to minimize accidents caused by tires.

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