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冬季爱车要呵护 Love car in winter should be protected
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As the leaves fall, the weather is getting cooler, and the cold winter is coming. Cold winter rain, snow, fog and other bad weather, the road is becoming more complex, so the car needs to double maintenance. The following is a summary of the winter car maintenance methods.

One. Body maintenance

1. car cleaning in winter cleaning vehicles with warm water, can not be washed directly with cold water. Especially the engine temperature, cold water will cause rapid cooling, the hood surface paint chap. After washing, open the drier water track in time, prevent the water from freezing at the door, freeze the door, and do not switch the window when the window is frozen. In addition, in the winter often snow, snow car surface cleaning is also crucial. Because of the acid, corrosive substances in the snow to avoid damage to the car paint, early rust, so to clean up in time. The northern region of the main car especially, encountered snow road with saline, saline splash to the body will have a great harm to the paint, should pay attention to cleaning.

2. vehicle wax and coating

Before the winter, the best to the car body with a layer of protective film. With Teflon polymer paint coating or mirror glaze, can resist the erosion of acid rain and fog, while the body is not easy to get, so the possibility of reducing the icing.

Two. Bottom maintenance

In wnter, the chassis of a car always deals directly with the snow, and it is easy to rust. The galloping tires dump mud water on the chassis of the car. The chassis of the vehicle after the After rain the sky looks blue., began to rust. So, the best time to spend in the winter before, to make a chassis rust preventive care.

Three. Tire maintenance

Rubber will be hardened and relatively crisp in winter, and the friction coefficient of the tire will be reduced and it is easier to leak and tie the tire. So the tire pressure should not be too high, but it should not be too low. If the tire pressure is too low and the external temperature is low, the soft tire can accelerate the aging. We should always clean up the tread of inclusion in the winter, try to avoid using up more than one tire, replace worn out larger and different patterns of different brands of tires. The internal and external wear of the tire vary greatly. In order to ensure safety and reduce wear, change the position of the tire on a regular basis. So the owner must always check the tire situation, if found to have serious damage or irregular tread wear, must immediately to the 4S shop inspection by professionals to avoid accident.

Four. Oil maintenance

1. change oil

In winter, the temperature is low, the viscosity of oil is thickened in summer, the circulating resistance of crankshaft is bigger, and the oil flow is bad. It causes the wear of piston and cylinder liner to increase, which results in the difficulty of cold start, and causes serious accidents such as tile burning and shaft holding. Therefore, we should use the winter oil with good label and low fluidity.

2. check the replacement of antifreeze

Winter temperatures, if the vehicle is not timely replacement of antifreeze, the air temperature is below freezing point of antifreeze will make the water freezes and expands, causing the tank cracking, so that the engine can not operate. Therefore, when the owner of the car changes the antifreeze, we should choose a regular antifreeze product that is below the minimum temperature of 5-10 degrees centigrade in the area of the area, at least once every two years. Add water in the antifreeze, antifreeze must be replaced, to protect the normal work of the engine.

Five. Electrical maintenance

The winter weather is cold, the battery is also the most afraid of low temperature. Under the low temperature environment, the capacity of the battery is much lower than that at normal temperature. So before the cold season comes, the electrolyte of the battery should be supplemented to adjust the proportion of the electrolyte. At the same time, clean the terminals of the battery, and apply special grease to protect it, so as to ensure the reliability of the startup and prolong the battery life. If the vehicle is disable in the open or cold storage for several weeks, the battery should be removed and stored in the warmer room to prevent the damage of the storage battery from freezing. The life span of the general battery is two to three years. If it is close to the service life of the battery, especially the automatic car, ahead of the best replacement, to prevent the villain. When it is difficult to start the cold car, it should be started about 30 seconds again and again. Avoid continuous ignition in order to prevent the damage of the starting machine and the electric energy of the battery.

In winter, the maintenance knowledge should be used properly so that we can make our car wear the warmest "down jacket". In winter, cars also become "delicate". It is like children. You need to dress and warm up and have comprehensive care. If you are careless, it will give you lots of trouble in this season. Taking a car as a friend is the highest state of raising cars and loving cars.

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