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Pay attention to the following details to save you money during refueling
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Do you like to fill the car for a full time? When is the most suitable time for refueling in a day? It can help the owner to save a little cost by developing a good refueling habit and mastering a small oiling trick.

1. Select regular refueling points

In recent years, many manufacturers are using "oil" to stall owners, the part of the transfer of responsibility for body quality issues to ensure the oil, Sinopec and PetroChina gas station directly under the oil quality, do not look very small in the gas station refueling is not pleasing to the eye; at the same time we must keep the invoice in case. The accident, this is the only certificate. Petty rely on the so-called cheap gasoline is not a permanent solution, when the vehicle is really because of the oil problem problems when too late for regrets.

2. Choose the morning or evening refueling

It should be avoided at noon when the sun is poisonous and the temperature is high. For example, the underground storage tank at the oil station only has the lowest temperature from 5 o'clock to 8 o'clock (summer), 5 o'clock to 9:30 o'clock (spring, autumn and winter) every day, because gasoline is charged by volume instead of weight, and the volume will be affected by temperature and expand by heat and cold. At the time of morning or evening refueling, the same volume of gasoline can have more quality, and it can save the cost after a long time.

3. Try to refuel in the way of a liter

Do not refuel with the amount of money, because you often lose your money in the four - house five.

4. Run downtown, half or 2/3 of the tank

Because driving in urban area often stops and stops. If you fill up the tank, it will further stress the load of the engine, start at a low speed and make the car consume oil. Besides, the distribution of the gas stations in the city is quite large, so there is no need to worry about the situation that the gas station can not be found.

5. If the car is rarely opened, it is recommended to keep the oil in the low level

6. Find the oil tank car. Please find the next one

If you are going to the gas station, find an oil tank on the oil tank, and then turn the head and continue looking for the next gas station. Because the oil supplied by the tank truck will swell the bottom of the tank for many years, and it will probably be added to your tank. If these impurities enter the engine cylinder, it will affect the service life of the engine.

7. Do not refuel during a typhoon and a rainstorm

Although gasoline is stored underground, there may be some leakage for a long time. After the storm, the rain is not likely to leak into the oil tank, and it will also affect the life of the automobile engine.

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